McEvoy Medical Services Ltd. specialises in providing Irish hospitals and clinics with the following products:

Biopsy Needles Drainage Catheters Drainage Bags
Introducers / Guidewires Catheter Fixation Thermodilution Catheters
Mammography Products Vertebroplasty Kits Stents
Ultrasound Products Medical Batteries Medical Paper

We are continually updating our product portfolio. Please contact us for details and brochures on our product range.

After Care Kits - Drainage Bag & Fixation Device

Kit Code Drainage Bag Code Fixation Code Capacity
ME.CHKT01 ME.MS/00054LM 8150 500ml
ME.PBKT01 E-90000 8150 500ml
ME.LBKT01 ME.50070600 8150 600ml
ME.BTKT01 DB-800C-MS-V 8150 800ml

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